5 Tips To Succeed As a Freelancer

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What could be more exciting than embracing your passion for writing and turning it into a source of income?

It sounds like we’re talking about work that is largely a hobby!

But if you’re a beginner, or “fresh-graduate”, how do you gain the trust of potential customers to choose you among the candidates?

The following five tips are things you picked up along the way on my journey in free work, which can help you enjoy a smoother start to your trip:


Don’t be greedy

You may be the most talented writer in your field. And you may have better research skills than anyone else. But if you do not have solid review for your business or portfolio of your previous work that will help you distinguish between your competitors, it will be hard to get a job – unless you agree to accept a contract at a lower rate.

Some freelance workers complains; always double the rates, and you can understand why. No one wants to write 1000 words for $10! When I started working as a freelance writer on upwork in 2012, I thought that $10 to 1000 Word like goose laid me golden eggs.

Guess what happened? This client was very happy with my work and it was up to me to ask for more. Results? Got many contracts, and completed an industry profile with many wonderful business models – in addition to the wonderful feedback from customers and then bought my candidacy to medium jobs and professional jobs.

You have to start small and become bigger with time. Take the smaller contracts initially looked like investing in the stock market. You don’t have a lot of money at first, so you can buy small stocks. Once you start evolution, you can buy and sell more shares. The same applies to free labor. Many customers for small businesses or that don’t have a lot of capital, and they need your help to make their Web page sparkle. Their success will become your success, opportunities become endless. Should be modest at first. Medium and large contracts will come with time.


Build your profile

This is linked to the previous point. Customers prefer to hire someone who does have a profile and previous business models. One way to build your profile quickly is to accept more jobs. And if you’re lucky you’ll find a long term contract. For the rest, it can be these types of contracts are hard to get when you start for the first time.

You will also be trusted for other customers if you have worked on one for a few months. And you’ll get many good reviews from customers, will have a greater impact on your career. Even if the client you are working with -long term- loves your work, it won’t leave you adequate assessments. You need to accept more contracts because the task is still in progress.

If you have questions, ask.

That sounds a little corny, but it’s true. If you’re unsure of something, ask. Asking questions reduces the chances of having to rewrite – this time better spent assisting the customer with another project, or helping another customer. In addition, better client receives the required work correctly in the first round. No one enjoys the rework for you again.

Don’t worry about asking too much questions. Good client understands that even if he had to answer 50 questions in the beginning, better than face the mess later.


Delivering early whenever possible.

If client mode short notice, so there isn’t much to do, just try to complete the work. Secondly, under no circumstances you should not rush to deliver work without revision. You should always take your time before you send the written content to the client. And ensure exclusive topic through Copyscape site.

Often I see the original content appears suddenly, as plagiarism, because someone else had thought of it first. I had to rewrite some thoughts many times, this has saved me a lot of agent and problems. Unbeknownst to the client until what happened. And all this is paying me a dime per cheque – but as I said before, this is a worthy investment.

However, suppose today is Monday, and the client says they need to work again within a reasonable period of time but do not have a specific date. Suggested Friday, and then handing them work before Wednesday. All of your work and become available for another job. In addition to receiving a happy client work two days before the deadline.

Are you afraid of losing work if I worked a delivery?
I suggest handing the work in three days, instead, delivering the same day or next day. This is my favorite. I promise that you will never fail in customer satisfaction if you follow this way. But make sure not to rush to work, you must ensure that you are able to submit early. Your business must be high quality. Otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of early delivery.

Do not take more than you can bear

You might think that the post look like perfect for your skills at first, but after talking with a client, she discovers that the work is not suitable for your skills. Don’t try to pretend you can finish this work.

Possible consequences:

  • Spend many hours researching the subject to become familiar enough to write about. This dramatically reduces the rate over the long term (for example, $50 will be paid project and should take a couple of hours but now took five hours, that means you earned $10 an hour instead of $25).
  • Wasting time (this is particularly harmful if the customer put a deadline for delivery).
  • It cost the client more money when you have to hire someone else to fix your business, resulting in.. An unhappy client, which will leave you a negative evaluation plus it has a right not to pay you at all.

If the project looked like out of your abilities, you should explain this to the customer. It will save you time, frustration, and lost income over the long term.


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